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In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton, England’s best known and greatest ever scientist and mathematician saw an apple fall from his tree in Woolsthorpe Manor. This inspired him to discover universal gravitation (that’s gravity to you and me!). His story inspired us to bring you Newton’s appl fizzics.

It’s a unique blend of apple juice and sparkling water, which is completely natural, with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugar.

It’s curiously refreshing and contains about 40% less sugar than apple juice on its own. Enjoy!

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about the bottles

Newton’s appl fizzics is a serious soft drink for adults - all natural, curiously refreshing and about 40% lower in sugar than juice on its own – that’s why we put it in these lovely bottles.

  • 330ml long neck bottle (like a beer or a cider)
  • 750ml table friendly (like a wine or mineral water)

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